Cambodia introduces an electronic arrival card

From July 1, paper documents will not be accepted

Камбоджа вводит электронную карту прибытия

Cambodia is introducing a new entry process that will take effect on July 1: all travelers to the country will have to fill out an application for an electronic arrival card within seven days prior to arrival. From the beginning of next month, paper documents will not be accepted, reports .The new electronic arrival cards will not replace the visa requirement or change existing visa requirements, but will replace the paper immigration form, medical form and customs declaration to simplify the arrival process. The e-Arrival app can be downloaded from Google Play or the iOS App Store. Alternatively, the application can be filled in via /. Travelers register on the platform by photographing their face and passport page before applying. After completing this process, a QR code will be created that can be saved on travelers’ phones for display at border control.

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