An expert from the travel industry gave recommendations for planning a vacation in 2024

Эксперт из туриндустрии дал рекомендации по планированию отпуска в 2024 году

It is most profitable to go on a long-awaited vacation in 2024 in July, August, which is not surprising, but also in October. The months mentioned by the expert have the fewest days off. Therefore, during this time period it is better to plan «big» vacation for employees working five days a week.

January and May, full of holidays and weekends, are considered by Sergei Stanovkin to be not the most optimal months for a long vacation. Due to fewer working days, the amount of vacation payments will be lower.

Next, the expert reminds you that you should plan your vacation in advance. At the same time, the top manager of MTS Travel focuses on the financial component of the issue. Booking a hotel at least three months before your expected visit will allow you to save approximately 30% on accommodation.

The expert advised not to forget about the peculiarities of the tourism industry and hotel business. Here Sergei Stanovkin addresses those who like to tie short-term vacations to holidays, usually «enhanced» additional holidays.

New Year holidays or May holidays, February-March or the weekend on the occasion of National Unity Day in November, albeit for a short time, become a «high season». As a result, hoteliers increase rates for accommodation from 10 to 100%.

When planning a vacation, as the expert recommends, you should pay attention to whether your vacation days overlap with school holidays or the dates of major events. For example, an international economic forum is traditionally held in St. Petersburg in June. On the one hand, the demand for hotels is high these days, on the other — Security measures have been increased, and access to city attractions may be limited or completely closed due to «special services». 

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