Entry to the UAE is complicated

The UAE wants to keep job seekers from entering the country on a tourist visa

Усложнён въезд в ОАЭ

The UAE has introduced stricter requirements for those entering the country on a tourist visa. For tourists planning to visit the UAE, it is important to note that the new requirements include the availability of documents on hotel reservations, a return ticket and sufficient funds for expenses. In particular, tourists with a monthly visa must carry at least 3,000 dirhams in cash or on a credit/debit card. For tourists with a three-month visa, this amount increases to 5,000 dirhams. According to Visaguide, the UAE has introduced this stricter policy to deter job seekers from entering the country on a tourist visa with no intention of leaving. Airlines will be responsible for passengers who do not comply with the requirements and may be fined up to 5,000 dirhams for each passenger who violates the requirements. Other rules issued by the UAE state that airport staff can ask passengers about their documents and the purpose of the visit. If sufficient answers are not given, passengers will be denied entry. The immigration authorities added that tourists are not allowed to work in the UAE, and travel agencies cannot promise employment to holders of tourist visas.

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