How do I move to Canada? All the nuances

Как переехать в Канаду? Все нюансы

Canada is considered a country of opportunity, with strong social security, economic and political stability, which attracts expats, not to mention the incredible nature. What nuances you may encounter when moving to Canada, and how to prepare for the move, we tell you in the material. June 24, 2024 AUTHOR: Anna Galchenko 0 12 min

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Как переехать в Канаду? Все нюансы

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Advantages of moving to Canada

  • A high standard of living and a high level of income.
  • The state supports small and medium—sized businesses – assistance in financing, reduced loan rates, deferred payment.
  • Incredible nature — ocean, lakes, rivers, mountains, forests. Beauty is breathtaking and it is not just nearby, it is everywhere.
  • Free medical care for citizens and residents of the country.
  • Developed economy and stable political situation.
  • Canada is multicultural and multinational, which makes adaptation comfortable.
  • The possibility of obtaining a passport after 3 years of legal residence.

Disadvantages of moving to Canada

    Cold climate: in winter frosts reach -25 degrees, and in summer on warm days the temperature reaches +20 degrees.
  • High cost of living: rental housing, the cost of goods and services, entertainment, restaurants.
  • High taxes: the higher the salary, the higher the taxes.
  • There is a lot of competition in the labor market.
  • Not the best medicine, there must be insurance, otherwise going to the doctor can cost a tidy sum.

Как переехать в Канаду? Все нюансы

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Rules of entry to Canada

What are the types of visas to Canada

  • Student visa: you can use it to study and take courses (at least 6 months). Required documents: the origin of the funds for education, what are the plans after graduation, a letter of admission from the educational institution.
  • Long-term work visa: allows you to work in the country. You need to provide a job invitation from the employer.
  • Business or business visa: for business visits lasting no more than 6 months, you only need to provide documents from the inviting organization. It is not allowed to work or run a business.
  • Children’s visa: with this visa, children under the age of 18 can travel, visit relatives, and have recreational activities such as camps. In addition to the sponsorship documents, you need to issue a permit for the child to travel to Canada.
  • Supervisor:A unique family visa, according to which parents and grandparents of citizens or permanent residents of Canada can visit relatives and stay in the country for up to two years. To do this, children/grandchildren must prove their financial condition in order to ensure a long-term stay of relatives.

Program for Ukrainians

Since the beginning of the full-scale war in Ukraine, the Canadian government has created a special CUAET program that allowed Ukrainians to obtain local visas. More than 1 million people have applied for this program, but only about 170 thousand citizens have used it. In the summer of 2023, Canada terminated the CUAET program and it is now unavailable. Now Ukrainians can enter Canada under the same rules.

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