The charter flight from Moscow to Tunisia is delayed again | TURIZM

Чартерный рейс из Москвы в Тунис опять задерживается | TURIZM

The start of the program of direct flights to Tunisia (Moscow – Monastir) has been postponed again. The launch, planned by the Nouvelair Tunisie aviation company at the end of April, was postponed to June 1. Now the charter customer, represented by the travel company Grand Express, is calling a new deadline on June 17th. Flights will depart every 10 days.

For people who have already paid for tours from Moscow, the operator recommends acceptable ways out of this situation. The first option is to postpone the flight or departure from St. Petersburg. Option two is a flight from Moscow with a transfer to one of the countries. “Grand Express” agrees to rebook all tickets, but at the current cost. If the replacement costs more, you will have to pay an additional fee. In case of cheaper flights, the company will refund the difference. The tour operator is also not against a full refund without taking into account their own, actually incurred losses.

The delay in the start of scheduled flights from Moscow to Tunisia has received a wide response among users of travel agency chats. Tour retailers point out that the firm “Grand Express” does not shy away from returning money spent by customers. However, this was not without problems. So, one of the companies was buying a tour for a planned corporate event in Tunisia for a group of entrepreneurs. The deadlines were strictly stipulated. Their forced shift was fraught with trouble for everyone. To settle the situation, I had to spend a lot of nerves.


Before the height of the season, in the spring months, travel operators pre-plan flights. The final adjustments are made closer to the summer. Advance booking is beneficial due to the wide range of hotel options and low prices. But sudden changes in the charter schedule introduce an element of risk into the process. Representatives of travel agencies need to take this into account and notify customers on time. 

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